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First Steps: Budget Setting

Updated: Apr 8

So last week my Instagram poll was unanimous in favour of people wanting to know how to plan a destination wedding so I will take you through the initial steps that you need to take before employing my services.

Budget Setting. Most people after they've got engaged jump straight into locations and although this is often very exciting it can be disappointing when you find a venue you love but your budget doesn't then stretch.

This is why my advice always is to sit down and have a really good think about how much you can realistically afford to spend on your wedding. What do you want to spend more money on; the venue, food, drink, decorations, the dress? Once you prioritised your thoughts, this will then help you narrow down the list of venues that tick those boxes and fit within the budget.

When budget setting, it's a good idea to set up a separate savings account and pay a little into it each month. By keeping it separate to your bank account you're less tempted to use it for other things! It also means you can start building up the funds for when deposits and final balances need to be paid. It is also important to work out your monthly outgoings with your normal bills: rent, mortgage, food, car, public transport as this will help you to see how much you can put into your savings account.

With a destination wedding you will also need to budget in the travel elements such as flights, hotel or villa stay, transport in country and whether you are planning on staying after your wedding for your honeymoon or moving elsewhere. Are you going to pay for any of your guests to stay such as immediate family or is this their expense?

The areas that I would not scrimp your budget on would be:

🌟 The Venue

🌟 Food

🌟 Honeymoon

🌟 Photographer and/or videographer.

🌟 These are the things you will remember the most!

The areas where you can save money:

🌟 Invites: these don't have to be physical these can be designed and send electronically for free

🌟 Favours: not many people appreciate or even keep the favours from weddings

🌟 Wedding Dress: Look out for trunk sales as you can get amazing designer dresses without the price tag

🌟 Make-Up: rather than paying for a make up artist, why not do a lesson in the UK then take the products with you to do your own make up?

Whilst this list is not exhaustive as budget setting is such a big subject, it will hopefully help you prioritise your thoughts and help with the initial budget setting!

Kew, London


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