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Meet Jenny from Your Wedding Concierge!

Updated: Apr 1

I’m Jenny, destination wedding planner with a passion for exploring incredible destinations and creating authentic experiences.  I help clients like you, with an adventurous spirit and a sense of curiosity to plan their wedding journey, in amazing destinations across the globe.

The last few years have seen me move to the other side of the world and back, start my own travel business (Blue Eye Travel), explore some of the most beautiful places on earth, buy a house, get a dog (Lois!) and now launch a fabulous element to my destination weddings portfolio; Your Wedding Concierge.

I have travelled to over 40 countries, covering all continents other than Antarctica (which is on my travel list!)! My travels have included everything from city breaks in Europe, campervanning round New Zealand, swimming with sealions and volunteering in the Galapagos to safari’s in South Africa. This means that I can speak from my own experiences when I’m helping you plan your destination wedding by making personal recommendations.

Singapore was my home for 2.5 years, which allowed me to live the expat life and travel across Asia and immerse myself in many different cultures. I love exploring off the beaten track and getting to know the people, history and cultures of the places I visit. 

I am now based in Kew, London home to the famous Kew Gardens which I love to see changing throughout the seasons. As a history and culture enthusiast I enjoy spending time exploring everything that London has to offer from the historical sights to the food scene. My style is influenced by the people I meet and the places I visit so there is always something fresh and modern to incorporate into my styling.

A little Q&A:

  • What's your favourite destination? Now this is a tricky one but for pure beauty and landscapes New Zealand.

  • Tea or Coffee? Tea every time! I love the smell of coffee but not the taste.

  • Adventure or relaxing beach break? Adventure mixed with a few days relaxing at the end.

  • Favourite place in London? St. Paul's Cathedral. I love the view of the Cathedral from London Bridge.

  • What's your favourite food? I love pasta but Dim Sum is also one of my favourite things to eat.

  • Cocktail, Wine or Champagne? To be honest it depends on the occasion but a crisp white wine is always a winner for me.

I look forward to working with you to plan the wedding of your dreams! Contact me for a free consultation.

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Kew, London


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